The Triple Crown of Charity Sailing, sponsored by Weems and Plath, was created in 2018 to recognize the top sailor and fundraiser for The CRAB Cup, The Leukemia Cup, and The Hospice Cup races.


Skippers must compete in all three races in order to be eligible to win the Triple Crown Trophy.  The races are as follows:


 Annapolis Leukemia Cup Regatta, http://www.leukemiacup.org/events/annapolis-leukemia-cup-regatta


 The CRAB Cup, http://crabsailing.org/fw-event-slug/crab-cup/


The Hospice Cup, http://www.hospicecup.org


The calculation for the winner shall be the order of finish in each race and the amount of funds raised for each race.  The amount of funds raised shall be given a higher multiplier (1.5) in the calculations. 


The skipper with best score in the three races and highest fundraising will be awarded the Triple Crown of Charity Sailing Trophy in October at a public event hosted by the three non-profits and Weems & Plath.  The trophy will be on permanent display in a public venue to be determined.  The winning skipper will receive a "keeper" trophy as well.




Hospice Cup


Leukemia Cup




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